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Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Val di Fiemme and the XCO skiing of tomorrow

Second day of competitions in Lago di Tesero with GS Castello U14: Gabriel Selle and Giulia Ronchail with something more

U16: Vanessa Cagnati fails yet wins, Trombetta superstar Successful ending for the 39th edition directed by Nicoletta Nones

Great show and interesting performances today at Cross Country Stadium in Lago di Tesero, Val di Fiemme (Italy) for the last exciting day of the 30th Skiri Trophy XCountry, with a shy sun in a clear sky. More than 1300 athletes got along the tracks this weekend, showing strength and passion. Italy took it all for the first positions winning over the many other countries present this year. Success among U14 for Gabriel Selle and Giulia Ronchail, while among U16 Edoardo Trombetta and Vanessa Cagnati succeeded. First, to go, U14 female along 2.9 km, with Ronchail immediately running away, showing her goal was clear since the beginning. Along the popular and long uphill “Valena”, the same as Tour de Ski, Slovenia showed up, speeding up with Manca Zibert. Photo finish decided the winner and the event coordinator Nicoletta Nones crowned Ronchail at last with her little advantage over Viola Camperi; third place for Elena Carletto. Then, it was time for U14 male along 4.2 km. Such an exciting race, with four athletes in the first positions Matteo Zanoli, Gabriel Selle, Federico Sartori and Mathias Bastrenta. Another final sprint crowned Gabriel Selle, Fabio’s son (Fabio is a Nordic Combined coach) and Marco’s nephew (once technical director of the Italian XCO Skiing National Team), as the winner. Second place for Matteo Zanoli and third for Nicola Giordano. Same distance for U16 female. Vanessa Cagnati immediately showed off, closely followed by Magalì Mellano Miraglio and Stella Giacomelli. During the second passage, Anastasia Morandini took the first position, followed by Luna Forneris and Emma Schwitzer. Cagnati, despite a track failure, managed to reach her victory, getting some compliments from Fulvio Scola, coach of the XCO skiing team Milano-Cortina 2026. Second place for Stella Giacomelli and third for Caterina Milani. Last race was for U16 male along 5.6 km. Alex Rossi, Davide Capra and Daniel Pedranzini set the pace since the beginning. Second passage with Pedranzini first, followed by Tommaso Tozzi and Edoardo Trombetta. Both athletes come from Subiaco but the last is now studying at the Ski College in Falcade. Four athletes appeared over the last hill and Trombetta was the fastest along the final meters. He screamed out with joy while Nicoletta Nones was awarding him with the laurel crown. Second place for Pietro Zanoli and third for Tommaso Tozzi. After the official award ceremony in Castello di Fiemme, with special thanks for founders and coordinators of Skiri Trophy, the lights turned off. Nevertheless, Val di Fiemme is already thinking about the next edition celebrating the number 40. Great enthusiasm for the founder and honorary president Franco Nones, the mythical Grenoble’s gold medal: “It’s a long story, Walt Disney did not want to give us the endorsement, but I managed to convince them. When they decided to stopped all the Trophies, we kept on with Skiri, which was Fiemme World Championship’s mascot. We had a great success. Now, we go on like this and hopefully for another 40 years!” Download VIDEO TV: U14 Male 1 Selle Gabriel Us Stella Alpina 12:46.00; 2 Zanoli Matteo Sci Club Alta Valtellina 12:48.66; 3 Giordano Nicola Sci Club Alpi Marittime 12:49.19; 4 Clementi Dario Sci Club Alta Valtellina 12:49.71; 5 Sartori Federico Sci Club Ledrense Asd 12:51.76; 6 Bastrenta Mathias Gressoney Monte Rosa 12:55.33; 7 Berdajs Jaka Nšd Medvode 13:08.10; 8 Pedranzini Nicolo Sci Club Alta Valtellina 13:08.30; 9 Zambelli Domelin Andrea Camosci 13:11.69; 10 Zamboni Emanuele Sci Club Ledrense Asd 13:16.90 U14 femminile 1 Ronchail Giulia Sci Nordico Pragelato 08:41.05; 2 Camperi Viola Sci Club Alpi Marittime 08:42.07; 3 Carletto Elena Sci Club Alpi Marittime 08:50.75; 4 Giordano Cloe Sci Club Alpi Marittime 08:54.91; 5 Delfino Lucia A.S.D. S.C. Valle Stura 08:59.98; 6 Morelato Camilla Marzola G.S.D. 09:05.00; 7 Invernizzi Aurora Nordik Ski Valsassina Asd 09:06.50; 8 Fraulini Alessia Sci Club S.Annapelago 09:09.71; 9 Lamberti Jenna Sci Club Piandelagotti 09:11.73; 10 Artusi Cristina S.C Primaluna 09:16.01 U16 Male 1 Trombetta Edoardo Ski College Veneto 14:11.74; 2 Zanoli Pietro Sci Club Alta Valtellina14:12.71; 3 Tozzi Tommaso Asd Winter Sport Club 14:12.80; 4 Pietroboni Luca Asc Sesvenna Volksbank 14:12.80; 5 Pedranzini Daniel Sci Club Alta Valtellina 14:14.53; 6 Massimino Filippo Sci Club Alpi Marittime 14:28.91; 7 Bormolini Natan Sci Club Livigno 14:30.54; 8 Schwingshackl Lukas Asv 5v Loipe Volksbank 14:33.36; 9 Barp Dante Sci Club Val Biois 14:35.51; 10 Oberhöller Elias Asc Sarntal Raiffeisen 14:41.39 U16 Female 1 Cagnati Vanessa Sci Club Val Biois 13:16.44; 2 Giacomelli Stella Sci Club Alta Valtellina 13:21.09; 3 Milani Caterina Sci Club Val Biois 13:25.85; 4 Dei Cas Rachele Sci Club Alta Valtellina 13:26.28; 5 Doliana Chiara A.S.D. Cauriol 13:26.90; 6 Leoni Alice Marzola G.S.D. 13:27.35; 7 Forneris Luna Sci Club Alpi Marittime 13:29.74; 8 Miraglio Mellano Magali' Sci Club Alpi Marittime 13:33.68; 9 Sobol Ema Ski Association Pgz 13:35.25; 10 Morandini Anastasia A.S.D. Cauriol 13:39.76

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