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Top youth at Skiri Trophy

First day in Lago di Tesero for Skiri Trophy XCountry Corbellari and Combi win among U10

Moser and Bracchi’s supremacy among U12 Nice time with Revival, tomorrow U14 and U16

From Lago di Tesero we can say cross-country skiing does not miss young athletes. Today, first day of 39th Skiri Trophy XCountry, a crowded day with 1300 young skiers, despite competitions were for Baby (U10) and Cuccioli (U12) competition was high. GS Castello showed great effort along Lago di Tesero’s track, which just hosted Tour de Ski; great job from the event coordinator Nicoletta Nones, once winner of the once so-called Trofeo Topolino. First on track U10 female, Maria Corbellari from Verona immediately flies to catch her laurel crown, second place for Elisa Picceni and third for the Croatian Iris Smiljanič. Her supremacy was clear from the beginning until the end. Mattia Combi won among U10 male, with a good performance ending before Matthias Maestri and Cristiano Panizza. Distance was doubled for Cuccioli U12, with 2.4 km. Ready, set, go for Sara Zanaboni, well controlled by Magda Moser. Despite breaking her pole, she was capable to secure her success, winning over Zanaboni (second) and Adele Andreolli (third). Among U12 male, Zaccaria Bracchi played beforehand, taking his advantage from the first lap on Marco Combi, who tried to follow him and get back on track. Bracchi’s superiority was clear at the end and he won with 7’56, followed by Pietro Galli and Marco Combi. Revival with ex Skiri participants closed the day. Ruben Wurzer strongly looked for his victory, followed by Riccardo Foradori and Giacomo Pedrini. Among women, Ylvie Folie was unbeatable, definitely stronger than the others were. Second place for Beatrice Laurent and Livia Kargruber. The whole entourage of Skiri Trophy moved then to Castello di Fiemme for the welcoming ceremony and entertainment activities with the torchlight procession, the local band concert, the tripod lighting and a music and lights show. Tomorrow is time for “older” athletes, U14 and U16. Download video TV: Baby male 1 Combi Mattia S.C Primaluna 04:20.87; 2 Maestri Matthias Us Carisolo 04:22.17; 3 Panizza Cristiano Sci Club Livigno 04:23.66; 4 Andreaol Giovanni Sci Club Alta Valtellina 04:25.87; 5 Moser Noe Asc Sarntal Raiffeisen 04:25.87; 6 Modina Xavier Gressoney Monte Rosa 04:29.06; 7 Quadri Enrico Asd Olimpic Lama 04:30.27; 8 Spechenhauser Marco Sci Club Alta Valtellina 04:31.28; 9 Peracino Vittorio Sci Club Valsavarenche 04:32.66; 10 Rainolter Jason Sci Club Alta Valtellina 04:34.21 Baby female 1 Corbellari Maria S.C.Orsi Bianchi 04:23.73; 2 Picceni Elisa Polisportiva Valmalenco 04:33.97; 3 Smiljanić Iris Sk Sljeme Zagreb 04:38.15; 4 Orsi Sofia Us Carisolo 04:42.63; 5 Massella Anna Sci Club Rovere' 04:42.63; 6 Pozzi Camilla Sci Club Alta Valtellina 04:43.50; 7 Falco Anna Sci Club Valle Maira 04:44.54; 8 Calliari Angelica U.S. Lavaze' Varena 04:44.59; 9 Quaranta Rachele Sci Club Alpi Marittime 04:45.84; 10 Naglić Franka Ski Association Pgz 04:45.84 Cuccioli male 1 Bracchi Zaccaria Sci Club Livigno 07:56.31; 2 Galli Pietro Sci Club Livigno 08:20.58; 3 Combi Marco S.C Primaluna 08:21.33; 4 Sosio Raffaele Sci Club Alta Valtellina 08:21.56; 5 Moro Aldo Apd Timaucleulis 08:25.48; 6 Andreola Tobias Sci Club Alta Valtellina 08:25.49; 7 Monaco Gregorio Sci Club Livigno 08:27.71; 8 Guadagnini Filippo Giovanni Us Dolomitica Asd 08:29.16; 9 Rodigari Leonardo Sci Club Livigno 08:29.84; 10 Dellagiacoma Martin Us Dolomitica Asd 08:30.91 Cuccioli female 1 Moser Magda Asc Sarntal Raiffeisen 08:39.34; 2 Zanaboni Sara Sci Club Alta Valtellina 08:45.05; 3 Sagmeister Maria Asc Sesvenna Volksbank 08:54.27; 4 Andreolli Adele Asd Made2win Trenteam 08:54.27; 5 Manea Chiara Sci Club 2a Asiago 08:57.11; 6 Chabod Arline Sci Club Valsavarenche 08:57.27; 7 Pavan Maddalena Sci Club Montebelluna 09:01.07; 8 Živanović Nikolina Ski Association Pgz 09:01.64; 9 Lai Beatrice Sci Club Alpi Marittime 09:05.12; 10 Galli Dana Sci Club Livigno 09:11.60 Revival male 1 Wurzer Ruben Asv 5v Loipe Volksbank 11:13.41; 2 Foradori Riccardo Asc Sesvenna Volksbank 11:15.63; 3 Petrini Giacomo Asc Sesvenna Volksbank 11:17.35; 4 Añarbe Sigüenza Peio Euskal Fed.Xcs Taldea 11:41.09; 5 Nones Patrik Sc. Gardena 11:46.78; 6 Acqui Andrea Asd Winter Sport Club Subiaco 11:49.55; 7 Ploner Samuel Sc. Gardena 11:50.51; 8 Moizi Lorenzo Polisportiva Valmalenco 11:57.09; 9 Cavagnet Clement Sci Club Gran Paradiso 11:57.42; 10 Tazzioli Antonio Asd Olimpic Lama 11:57.85 Revival female 1 Folie Ylvie Asc Sesvenna Volksbank 12:36.00; 2 Laurent Beatrice Sci Nordico Pragelato 13:00.17; 3 Kargruber Livia Asv 5v Loipe Volksbank 13:30.48; 4 Santus Giada Asc Sesvenna Volksbank 13:40.43; 5 Bolzan Lisa Sci Club Orsago 13:42.08; 6 Negrini Erica Asc Sesvenna Volksbank 13:42.49; 7 Romanin Giorgia Edelweiss Asd 14:19.86; 8 Spiess Lisa Asc Sesvenna Volksbank 14:21.22; 9 Venturini Heidi Asc Sesvenna Volksbank 14:21.32; 10 Salvagno Giorgia Sc Valle Pesio 14:21.73

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