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A Big Ski Celebration

Young talents ready to celebrate Skiri Trophy’s 40 years Guys, first have fun!” said Caterina Ganz Big surprises and special guests at the welcoming ceremony A classic weekend on January 21st-22nd, with the Revival too

Fun is ageless. GS Castello has been taking by hand cross-country skiing young talents for 40 years, towards the ‘Olympic dream’ and beyond. Skiri Trophy XCountry, born as Trofeo Topolino, has been seeing growing up many champions, such as the home-star Caterina Ganz. Skiri Trophy takes place on January 21st-22nd along the challenging tracks of Lago di Tesero Cross-Country Stadium, while Caterina will, quite surely, compete in Livigno for the World Cup. “I started skiing quite late, when I was 14. Trofeo Topolino, as it was called at the time, was one of my first competitions ever – said one of the best athlete among the Italian women team -. I arrived in Lago and there were many children, I remember starting from the last line, I finished if not last by one, last”. If life were a movie to rewind, Caterina would just go back to her first years of competing, when she used to have much fun with her friends and teammates of US Monte Pallidi from Moena. Then, she moved to the regional committee team, finally debuting with the Italian national team in Lahti (FIN) for the Nordic Ski World Championships in 2017. “I would like to send a message to the young people entering this challenging world of cross-country skiing – kept on Ganz -, I believe that fun is the first goal, it’s okay to take competitions seriously, but they should enjoy their time with their friends, training and traveling for competitions. There is much time to live a life as a professional, if one gets the opportunity. I keep in my heart a lot of wonderful memories, great adventures and strong friendships, and the magical atmosphere I found at US Monte Pallidi that made me keep on skiing and competing gladly”. Classic technique races confirmed for the young skiers, coming to Val di Fiemme filled with hopes and willing to have fun. Baby (U10) and Cuccioli (U12) break the ice on Saturday 21st from 2 pm and at 3.30 pm it is time for Revival. On Sunday 22nd races are for Ragazzi (U14) and Allievi (U16), then moving to Castello di Fiemme where the party goes on with entertainment and the awarding ceremony. The OC, with event coordinator Nicoletta Nones, is accomplishing the last details for the special Saturday night: big surprises with special guests during the welcoming ceremony in Castello di Fiemme, in order to celebrate the 40 years of history. Lago di Tesero Cross Country Stadium is also hosting many stands with a dedicated village with games and entertainment for the little skiers. Registrations are open and all participants can download from Endu their customised diploma at the end of the race with their time and position, a nice memory to treasure in the trophy showcase.

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