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Adoptions project


An important news introduced in 2006 is the decision, taken by the Organization Committee, to devolve the 10% of each subscription fee to a local NGO to sustain intercountry adoption of poor children all over the world.

Thanks to your support many children of the Southern Hemisphere had the chance to live with hope for a better future.

From 2006 on, Zarni Than Isac and his brother Zaw Htlun Isac in Myanmar, together with Gladys Marily Canché Novelo in Mexico from 2017, have improved their life conditions and obtained the access to school education in their Countries of origin.

Helping them, you have helped their families, friends and country, too.

For over 30 years the Association Amici Trentini Onlus operates in more than 10 countries in the South of the world to ensure them better living conditions and the respect of fundamental rights. The association works via Programs for cooperation in development, long-distance support and inter-country adoptions.

As authorized institute the Association Amici Trentini Onlus helps children in a state of need and abandonment by actions in their country of origin (supporting and promoting the rights for medical care, food and education for minors and families). It promotes inter-country adoption of children in a state of complete and definitive abandonment.

In this way many stories made of meeting will be associated between who needs help and who can donate it, between who dreams for a family and who would like to welcome a child in the family.

Each story is rich of mutual gifts.

Associazione Amici Trentini Onlus
Intercountry Adoption and Cooperation
Viale degli Olmi, 26 – 38123 Trento – Tel. 0461 260490
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