The registration to the race is managed by an online portal. Please, make sure to read the following instructions carefully before proceeding.



  • Teams that have already taken part in the race can use the username and password from the previous years repeated 2 times. 

 EXAMPLE​: Previous Password -> TN93 

New Password -> TN93TN93

  • For the teams not registered yet, or forgot the  username and/or password, please send an email to request the login details to


Please, use the following link to get access to the registration portal.

  1. select your club from the menu

  2. insert username and password


During the first login there could be problems with an unsecure connection, please proceed in any case, the connection is safe and done using HTTPS protocols.


The first time you will enter the online registration system, before proceeding with adding the athletes, the responsible of the clubs are asked to declare that the registered athletes have the requisites necessary to participate in the competition. Please read the declaration carefully and check the relevant checkbox before proceeding with the registration. The declaration will always remain clearly visible online and will, therefore, be forwarded to the FISI.

After completing this declaration form, and also anytime while entering the system till the closing of the registration time, clubs may submit new registrations or delete their athletes from the list.

  1. If the athlete has already participated in the race before, please select  Subscribe Member and choose the name of the athlete from the menu from the team . Make sure the name and the date of birth are correct.

  2. If the athlete has already participated in the race before but certain personal data are wrong, please contact before completing the registration by sending an email specifying the name and what data should be corrected.

  3. If the athlete has still never participated in the race before, please select Add new member and complete the registration with the required information.

  4. The athlete selected in one of the two ways mentioned above will be automatically added to the list of registered athletes in the race. You will be able to see it in the section Subscribed Athletes.

  5. It is possible to delete one athlete from the list of participation by clicking Unsubscribe members and choosing the right name from the menu. 

  6. At the end of the list of registered athletes it is possible to see the total amount that has to be paid for the registration.

  7. Every time a new athlete is added to the list of participants, the system will ask if you want to print a PDF report with all the athletes registered so far. This action can be rejected, but the message will be given for every new registration. Please download the final list of participants and send it to the secretary with the receipt of the bank transfer ( as explained in the Regulation page and in the note at the bottom of the current page.

  8. By following the right steps, all the data will be saved in the right way and there is no need to send an extra confirmation for the registered athletes.

  9. To confirm the registration, please log out and close the browser.

To proceed with the registration click the following button:









For every athlete, the club must provide a signed copy of the privacy consent form, signed by one of the parents or who is responsible for the minor together with a copy of a valid ID document of the undersigning and of the health questionnaire required by the Covid regulation.

The documents must be sent via email or provided in hard copy during the bid distribution. Please, make note that the missing of these documents will lead to the exclusion from the race.








The payment of the registration fee has to be done via bank transfer on the bank account of the association GS Castello di Fiemme - Skiri Trophy Xcountrry IBAN: IT84P0818434570000010011395 with the purpose Subscription to the SKIRITROPHY-XCOUNTRY2021 - name of the team.

The copy of the bank transfer, together with the subscriptions receipt that can be downloaded from the website at the end of the subscription of all the athletes of the team, should be sent via email to within Thursday 21.01.2021 at midday, in order to allow the secretary to set up and prepare all the material to facilitate the distribution of the bibs. 


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