1st Edition of the
Skiri-Minimarcia del Gran Paradiso

The organization committees of the SkiriTrophy XCountry and Minimarcia del Gran Paradiso in order to share the passion of Country skiing and and combine sport and fun decided to start the 1st combined race called SKIRI-MINIMARCIA reserved for participants in the two races in the same calendar year.




  • The combined refers to the categories male and female Baby – Cuccioli – Ragazzi and Allievi and will be reserved for athletes who will have participated in the Skiry Trophy XCountry to be held in Val di Fiemme on 22-23 January 2022 and at the MiniMarciaGranParadiso to be held in Cogne in the Valley D'Aosta on 05-06 February 2022.


  The competitors participating to only one of the above mentioned                    competition will not be included in the ranking.


  • The ranking will be obtained by adding the times of the Skiry Trophy XCountry race and the MiniMarciaGranParadiso race. In the event of a tie, the youngest will be awarded.

  • The first three male and female athletes will be awarded for each category.

  • The combined awards ceremony will take place during the MiniMarciaGranParadiso award ceremony on 05 February 2022 at 15:00.

The organizing committees of Skiri Trophy XCountry and MiniMarciaGranParadiso reserve the right to make changes to these regulations at their sole discretion. For information on the events, visit the websites www.skiritrophy.com and www.marciagranparadiso.it.
By registering for the races provided for by Skiry Trophy XCountry and MiniMarciaGranParadiso, the competitor declares to be fully aware of and accept these rules; he also declares to exonerate the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to persons and / or things caused or deriving by him.


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